Filipino Poetry Strokes…

This blog contains English Contemporary Poems I’ve written over the years, all of which were shaped and inspired by the timeless wisdom I gained from my heritage. These poems are reflections of  lessons (and realizations) I learned while “exploring” this ever-changing world…”

Art, for me- is priceless. It is a natural gift bestowed to a person which is something to be shared without any condition –this is just my opinion, of course. Reason being, i believe that there are things that doesn’t come with a tag price-or any equating value. Those things define one’s true meaning of existence. In my case, my art is something that I would share to humanity-properly, freely and wholeheartedly – not as a “means” for self-promotion but as a tool of self–expression.

Poetry-for me, is timeless – it is eternal. The beauty of this art lies on its fluidity, which is something that I can relate in to. I will always look at the art of poetry the same way I look at life; it is always “a work in progress”. – Leofina Jane G. Galleta


If there is one thing that I am proud about being a Filipino, it is my country’s rich literature and arts. The Philippines’ prose and poetry have a unique blend of oriental and ethnic flavors. In addition to such is a kind of romanticism that emanates a strong sense of valor and solidarity. For me, these factors strongly define each regional/ethnical differences that paradoxically binds the Filipino people.

As a result of numerous ethical groups in existence and at the same time, the Philippines’ culture and art strongly depicts the Filipino people’s artful ways and craftsmanship. I’ve seen these features  to be evident in many “written words” created by Filipino poets and writers before my time. This realization always engulfs me each time I read stories, poetry, etc., depicting the rich “Filipino blends”, articulated in various creative ways.

I am quite convinced that the heart and soul of the Filipino people were immortalized in the written words as well as in various artistic creations.  Through these medium of creative expressions, the Filipino character will forever be framed within the bounds of the past, celebrated through the meanings articulated in the present, and such will serve in the future as reminders of how we have been as people.

I have to say that I always wanted “art” to be seen and felt in any medium of expression I use: in my written songs, in my poems, or in reflective essays I’ve written. I do hope that somehow, over the years, I’ll be able to fully express my art in this manner – like a fusion of some sort…

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my place. And for the warm regard you left. 🙂

    (Here’s a secret: I hope to muster much courage to write poetry once again.)

    I believe you write songs, too? I’m a kindred spirit. You might wanna check out my band: FONTFROIDE.MULTIPLY.COM. I play the drums. And write the songs.

    Drip on.

  2. Hey there, Lo, 🙂 Sure, your blog is really interesting- I hope you’ll find that courage to do poetry again,:-). You’re good at it. Oh well, i haven’t written any new songs- the inspiration is harder to come by these days, 🙂 Sure, will be checking your group, thanks for the info, 😉

    Anyways, good luck on your artistic quest and wish you all the best, 🙂

  3. Hi Leofina Jane. You ought to publish a poetry collection. Your poems has magnetic appeal and very original. Your style are quite unique.

  4. Dear poet,

    The Aquillrelle 2nd poetry contest is in full swing. This is just a reminder that you are personally invited to join our second contest.
    Cash prizes await the winners, and publication the other finalists.

    So, if you trust your poetry’s beauty, you are heartily welcome to submit.

    Contest rules

    1. Participants must be above 18 years of age, or sponsored by such a person.

    2. Any style accepted, rhyme, no rhyme, nature, family, erotica, personal, society, humor, etc.

    3. We apply no censorship, however it is fair to tell you up front that poems encouraging hate, violence, pornography, derogation of others, drug abuse, and similar, have no chance of winning. Of course, if such aspects are relevant and necessary as part of the “story”, then there is no problem in using them.

    4. The specific conditions of each individual contest must be adhered to.

    5. Proven plagiarism will result in indefinite banning from the site.

    6. Poems must be between 10 and 50 lines long, empty lines included. This limitation might change occasionally, if specified in the individual contest. Submissions should be in .doc format.

    participation and prizes

    1. Any number of entries per contestant, grouped in groups of 5 poems with each group priced independently (see pricing lower down).

    2. Participation is charged at:

    – first entry $5
    – second entry $4
    – third and fourth entry $3 each
    – fifth entry free

    To be paid uniquely by Paypal.

    Please select the number of poems you wish to submit, and the relevant submission fee.

    Entries expected and accepted until 31 May 2010.

    Contest results will be published on 31 July 2010.

    The Aquillrelle team


    Aquillrelle contest is listed and verified by:

    Please forward this newsletter to your fellow poets, writers and artists. Thank you.

  5. Very professional layout. I am sure I’ll keep coming back to read your most interesting and educational poetry. Filipinos are creative in all aspects and facets. What we lack is support from our government that other countries do to their own constituents. I hope this simple wish will come true.

  6. Hello Ms. @Inday! Thank you so much for visiting my poetry blog. Please accept my apology for not being prompt in acknowledging your comment. I’ve been “off-line” for quite sometime. It’s wonderful to have you here. Cheers!


  7. “Art, for me- is priceless. It is a natural gift bestowed to a person which is something to be shared without any condition- my personal opinion, of course”

    An opinion shared by this other person south of the Sahara with the nappy hair catching the sun rays in a whirlwind reconstructing every rainbow of word onto the page, the wall, the air

    “In my case, my art is something that I would share to humanity-properly, freely and wholeheartedly”

    That draws this song out of my heart. You didn’t directly inspire it but perhaps I heard your voice from the islands:

    Pep for my Love

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