Dear John

Reality needs
not any kind
of imagining.

Not at all.
Not these days.

And no, I won’t even try
nor should I worry now where
heaven or hell could
actually be found.

Not today.

I don’t need to dream
So I could envision the nightmares
which has already populated
the future that you’ve been
speaking about.

I only need to look
at the sprouts and limbs
of life scattered
everywhere, going
in all directions-

some have chosen
to get stuck into
the frames and packets of the past
most are not even here nor there
ignoring the begging nudges
of the present- and few more
are already flying high up
and out and away
from the shadows of today.

I know all
about the pegs and posts
staked deep, and in various colors
slicing the world in every possible form
to be auctioned and to be repackaged
and then sold in outrageous prices
the currency required
are mounds of spoils and buckets of blood
grabbed from the core of each one of us.

I don’t need to imagine how
Covetousness has become the new covenant
now being preached upon
the gilded altars and roadsides.

And yes I know-
the infidel has become
at home in every heart.

Do I still dream?
Why should I be the only one?
There’s no guarantee, you know
that ‘someday’ would eventually arrive.
Not for many of us.

Do not ask me to recall
the beauty of wondering
Especially about something that has been
stripped out from its own soul.

I might still dream

When life is again about living
when dreaming has taken back
the power and virtue
of imagining.

//29th July 2014 5:59pm
*inspired by the lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

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